I literally love these men.  I've only known them for a few short hours, and in that time I fell in love not only with them but there insanely great families and all the people that surrounded them to support and love and hold, as they told each other that they did, and will forever.  

My heart raced, I cried way too many times, my mascara ran ferociously down my face, I think I inherited 14 new smile lines from grinning so much.

I want to thank you AUSTRALIA for sending these fine men my way, you snooze you loose, perhaps its time to re-asses the meaning of the word love because your missing out on seeing great humans tell each other just how much they care and adore one another, and as we all know, love is what makes the world go round.


xxx  Thank you Fabian and Anthony, you will forever be in my heart.


P.S the rainbow featured at the beginning followed me (or perhaps I followed it??)  all the way to Queenstown.  A sign perhaps xx

I love them

No words really.... This family has touched a wee place in my heart that will always be theirs.  Their patchwork world of happy matches, love and inspiration is something we all should take a moment to embrace.  Life is not necessarily perfect however its what you do with that imperfection that makes it special

Ava and Josh your beautiful together.  Thank you for letting me be part of your magic xxxx  





Paralysing fear

It's been a while and to be honest my heart wasn't in it.  Not feeling the vibe?  I don't think so.  A mixture of fear, a dissatisfied soul, complicated over thinking, all the emotions for a paralysing perfect storm.  The knowing that if things didn't change I would most likely hang my coat.  But I knew I could pull myself out of the funk that has become me.  Time and some more time would cure.  I just had to take one little step to find my mojo nugget thats been hidden for a heck of a long time.  

I begin back with the hearts that always heal me, the little gems that quite happily play, pose, position themselves in my idea of 'light'.  These three that can build mountains and stomp out any unrest. 

So as I begin a new season, I forgive myself for not feeling any creative urge, and just allow myself to go back to basics and where it all began for me.


A magnificent day

The fabulous Kesten and Ben, Tauranga NZ.

Old Forest School

April light

It's always the most magnificent... I know its nice to get married in Summer, the sun shining and the warm breeze, but my heart is with the April light... the early start to Autumn the trees starting to change, the sun sing songing.


Just an amazing day with so much calm.  Another testament of how a wedding should be, graceful calm and oozing with love.



I spend a good amount of time deciding what the correct thing is to say, especially when introducing my thoughts to the entire online world...... perhaps a little ambitious.... the 4 people that may read this.

My thoughts are probably insignificant in the big scheme of things, especially if we are peeling away the layers.

Making everything sound slightly cryptic, but disclaimer, these are my thoughts and not necessarily even relevant.

Weddings should be love, laughter and promises.   The details are great and often a lot of effort and heart over long periods of time are what make them so special.  Sometimes those details don't go to plan, sometimes the details are organised the day before, arranged by mates, with no expectations.  Everyone pitching in, with the hopes of watching their close friends say I do in front of them.

No expectations, just love, laughter and promise 

2 weeks ago I got a phone call from a groom wanting to surprise his fiancee and mother of their exceptional child, no photographer had been organised, just his mates taking a few photos...  He enquired, I replied.  He didn't want his mates to have to worry about getting the shots, so I said bags me!  

I wasn't there long, I barely got to know them, but what I did walk away with is SHIT this is what a wedding should be... no expectations!  It rained, really hard, and half way through the i do's with countless amounts of laughter the decision was made to abandon ship and find another location. Done, with smiles and friends chipping in to help, tables carried, booze shifted.... and so many smiles.

THIS is what a wedding should be.

Zinny and Daphne thank you and your perfect rain soaked day!!!  xxxx

MOERAKI North Otago

THIS dress

Jaw dropping, the only words that I can describe how BEAUTIFUL Charis looked, even in her underwear she could have walked down the aisle with style and grace.  What an amazing person who is now married to an amazing man.  I could have watched them for days.  Fun, loving, kind and oozing with cool.

Gorgeous, devine, amazing dress custom designed by Charis and beautifully made by the late Jane Hill in Melbourne who's legacy and magnificent gowns are still being honoured by her daughters.

The ever so lovely Rachel Nossack who planned their day with grace and precision.

Charis's earrings designed by her good friend who travelled many many miles to celebrate their day Samantha Wills

Utterly breathtaking!!!


Just a tidbit of the glamour