Who decided???

The term, 'sleeping like baby'?? Its a well known fact in our household that sleep is a special gift that is treasured and cherished......When it happens.... Which is not very often... If ever at all!!!  The littlest person in our house likes to wake rather frequently, and whilst awake demand cuddles and kisses, oblivious to the 4am time slot.  I oblige because thats what mothers do, I tell myself that tomorrow I will be tougher and not pick her up, she's dry, she's fed, its just a bad habit...... But I stumble, I can't bring myself to ignore the whimpering which quickly graduates into sobs.   So I falter and sleepily make my way to her crib, her small little face staring at me with such relief... Thank goodness your here!!!  I can't resist, her warm cheeks snuggle into my shoulder, we cuddle, she speaks her funny little language that only a mother understands  I know she's telling me I'm hers and I quietly tell her she's mine.  And although I cherish my sleep, I think I cherish the cuddles even more.

And this little princess was a breath of fresh air, an angel who slept just as they say 'like a baby'.  Jo and Jason, congratulations on your perfect girl!!