So lately I have been feeling a little deflated... something I am sure we all do from time to time.  Its winter, its cold, things are just a little blurrrghhhhh.   It happens and I know it will pass however I think its really important when feeling a bit blue to remember how lucky I am, to be grateful for little things around me, take note of the small stuff, feel love and spread the love.  On a whim I have decided to start posting these things.... things that I am truly grateful for.  Its a personal project that I want to share.... and possibly inspire others to share what they are grateful for also.... lets do it together.... if you say it out loud (or write it down in this case) then nothing but good feelings will come from it. I'm going to start with a week of gratefuls... a week where I will share what I am so lucky to have.  If you do stop by and want to share, please do.  There is a comment box at the end of each post, click on it.... fill out your details.... you don't have to have a website... leave it blank.... you don't even have to tell me your real name.... just tell me what your grateful for....cause we all have something xx