Cups of tea

I woke this morning with no expectations of anything but a new day.  My normal routine takes me straight to the alarm that has alarmingly woken me up... I check my emails, whilst sleepy and very groggy, making sure not to wake the pile of children next to me who have quietly tip toed in mid night.   My day begins with a smile.  The grateful project as I am now calling it has begun.  I cannot express enough, how fabulous I feel when I read all the comments.  I wish I could truly verbalize whats going on in my silly little head and let everyone know just how important this is to me.  I have no invested interest in this venture, I just believe that everyone has something to share and as said before, if someone can feel something great from reading grateful things, then I have won. So today for me I am grateful for cups of tea.  This is what I do to calm my thoughts, this is when my husband and I discuss/debate our news.  This is when after a million tears my father will pop the kettle on, because (he swears) you will feel so much better after a cup.  He's right.

So thank you Mr Bell for making me feel grateful!

And as much as I wish I drank tea from a china cup every day, alas its a brown spotty number thats chipped on the side.... however a pretty picture is so much better!!

Tell me what your grateful for today.