My funny valentine

Thank you for making me laugh, thank you for being quirky and charming, thank you for dancing to the beat of your own drum, thank you for allowing me to be your mummy.    Oh and most of all THANK YOU for standing as still as a statue and letting me get one shot of your beautiful face. Finally I am sharing some shots caught on my much loved film camera.  Nothing beats the thrill of receiving an envelope of surprises.  Don't get me wrong I still get butterflies as I download my CF cards from my digital camera.... however when they hand that envelope over and your heart is bursting to tear it open in front of the sales girl at the front counter.... you wait however because its something you want to sit and enjoy... cherish.... hold in your hand and stare at... nothing beats it!!!

As time goes on and I feel more confident I plan to share more shots... but for now...... My precious Ava xxxx