The winds of change

Life progress is inevitable.  Sometimes we out grow our worlds and need to make changes to accommodate.  For the next few weeks I am accommodating.  Working from home has been a pleasure and having spent the good part of a year in my 'leisure suit' (aka my pj's) the winds of change are blowing at my door and I now need to listen to their whispers .  Therefore kind folk, I have recently acquired a place... a spot.... a refuge, to spend a few days a week keeping my orders in order and keeping my home  my home.  I know I will miss the cookie drawer not being directly at my disposal, and little people pulling at my leg for me to come out and play.... but my sweet darlings... I will now be able to come out to play, cause Mummy is home from 'work' and will not have an inner battle to finish what needed to be done.... cause I did it at the office!!!!!! So a small taster of a work in progress...  Thank you to Jonell from Jonell's florist, who came to the rescue when I needed some pretty flowers.... IN A HURRY!!!

Little Archer you were such a champion, your a loved child and I promise next time you come and see me I will have furniture.... preferably the kind you can sit on. xx  Thank you for being my first ever superstar in my humble digs x