Details that matter.

A place that I had never ventured too.  These are the best type of trips, the unexpected paths that cross, the landscape, the different colored grass.... smell... dust.  I love my country and every day I am reminded of the marvel we call home.  We have to be some of the luckiest people alive to have such beauty at our doorstep, sometimes we (I) forget just how much.  As a small child was told to always make sure to stop, breath and notice, its a promise I vow to keep myself. Because I travel quite frequently I am blessed to see new places meet new people.  I haven't been doing this for long however there is one thing that is a constant companion at each and every wedding, the details... not of the flowery kind, the Aunt's, Uncle's, friends, cousin's, parent's... Aunt Jan's cousins sisters brother kind... the people that come in their droves to be part of a celebration, a mass gathering.  Some bring food, some bring wine, others bring love and support, however they are in it together.... its the Kiwi way.  Its something that I hold very close to my heart..... we may not be big on the fancy stuff however we celebrate with all our hearts and souls and to me that is perfect.

To the Innes and Kok family.... hold on to what you have because you are blessed.  Thank you for allowing me to capture what I could only say was 100% New Zealand and South African made !