I could sit here for hours.... and hours.... and I would still struggle to find the perfect words. I have deleted.... and written.... and deleted again.

10 days ago I struggled, I found waking to be a chore..... I am time poor, there are not enough days in my hours, and I find it hard to keep my head above the rush of water that is overwhelming me. Yes I signed up for this, its my doing.... but I struggle. On Sunday I left for Melbourne to take 3 days... this was a massive loan from my time bank and to begin I'm not sure my 'head' was in it... my heart however needed this. To say that my expectations were met and then some is an understatement, Jonathan Canlas you are indeed a person who is whole and real. Not only do I feel overwhelmed and exuberant about beginning the journey of film but I feel blessed that I was brave enough to stop my world and take the time to rediscover my reason for doing what I do.

Again I cannot F.I.N.D the perfect words..... all I can say is that I met people that I will hopefully know forever.

Jonathan Canlas One million times over I can't tell you how great you are!! Tavis Johnson Your smile is infectious, your humor is more so!!! Leah Kua Roomie, thank you for being so great!!! Nothing more to say..... your just great!! Samm Blake Some people would give their first borns to have the talent that you possess. Embrace your new chapter cause its going to be a goodie. Thank you for being so frigin cool MUWAHHH Jonas Peterson Need I say more....... You saved my A** and for that I am grateful. Your humbleness and mega talent is infectious... and even better.... you know where all the great bars are!! Jodie Mcdonald Ba ha hahahahahahahahahahahahaha........ my belly still aches.... Thank you for making me laugh xx Beata English Your just damn right cool x Roweena Timson The moment I met you I knew you were gold.... your heart literally shines. Janine Kaye Believe in yourself my friend, you deserve every inch of it. Liz Arcus Thank you for making those beautiful children, be proud!!! They and you are beyond amazing. Emma Star I shall sneak into your house when you are asleep and steal your polaroid jacket... because it is way cool xx Adrian Tuazon WOW WOW WOW.... I would like you to adopt me!!!! You are so blessed and just beyond talented!! Trish Lee Awwwwwwww Now I want to adopt YOU!!! You are gorgeous NUFF said!!! Nicole Spears Thank you for carrying the coolest camera EVA..... Helena Sofia Go you great Kiwi (slash Dutch) girl..... NZ LOOK OUT!! Angela Higgins It was lovely meeting you!!!

I just wanna say, FILM IS NOT DEAD and neither is life. If you want to attend a workshop..... that will blow your mind... do not hesitate...... F.I.N.D. This is all I have to say! untitled-1