Its only day 9

Here I am doing the one finger type whilst feeding Quinn, so I do apoligise for any errors.  I am hanging on by a thread with this photo a day nonsense.... Now this isn't a challange that someone dared me to do..... this is purely my own decision (spured on by some wonderful flickr members) If I had a free reign (being that I didn't have a newborn) I would have the kids in the car searching for a location that would wow me inspire me....but instead I am having to find that inspiration with household utensils well actually I haven't had to move into the cutlery drawer however that could be a good one for tomorrow hmmmmmm Anyway this shot taken at iso 1600 (for those not in the know thats high) with no light what so ever so much NO light that my subjects were a dashing colour of orange...hence the conversion into black and white.  Even though this shot is totally and utterly technically WRONG its also so right as its my people, my special wonderful good people :)