What are friends for

Only a wonderful, gracious true friend would let you practice on them!!!!   I think I love the possibility of taking pictures of expecting mums and then their new bundles of joy.  Nothing can compare to watching someone with their newborn and the love that they have for these innocent creatures ( I write this as Quinn my newborn is SCREAMING.....) Anyhow I have the most amazing beautiful friend who features at the start of this blog.  Her and her wonderful husband are expecting their first child in three weeks, however my prediction says they will pop on Sunday (I've got 5 bucks on it) soooooo being as lucky as I am she has allowed me to snap a couple of her and her belly, affectionately known as peanut.....by the way I didn't leave Quinn crying I'm now doing the one fingered type with her in my arms....I'm a sucker for screaming babies!!

One quick shot....there were a thousand and one toys scattered around the room and sponge bob blaring in the background...you know how some nice photographers do the pull back shot so you can see their set up....Well my pull back would horrify you it was like a pack of baby rhinos had stampeded through my lounge mmmmm maybe they did????