I wasn't going to.....

Post tonight....dreary day and feeling a little flabergasted  (thats a great word if only  I could spell it)  I adore my girls and luuurveee spending time with them....but the skin on my feet are in desperate need of creams and polish.....my belly is rotund and my boobs are not mine...They're Quinn's as they should be....however i need some time...be it only ten minutes.  Tonni announced this morning....and I quote "I'm trying to think of a way to take you to Fiji"   my reply  "hey just the fact that you mentioned me and Fiji in one sentence gets me through the day!!!!" So a picture of me taken by the wonderful Rachael www.arkimages.co.nz.  I won a cover of a book aptly named LOVE and needed a profile picture.....I'm not so good in front of the camera....so needed to pull all of my Top Model TV time (many an hour) experience and "make it work"....or is that project runway???

Don't hate me cause I'm photoshopped!!!