Farmor this ones for you

A great deal of my AWAKE time is spent with my darling girls.... I would never change that!!  I cherish every moment I can.  From time to time Life can get a little crazy and Mummy gets a little grumpy, but I still would never change a thing.....except when its 5am and my darling middle princess,... (That would be AVA),gently taps me on my sleep deprived shoulder and whispers......"you be the prince and I'm cinderella"   YUP thats what my life entails..... Heck I don't mind being the prince, playing the game....but does it HAVE TO BE PLAYED AT 5AM?????????????? I gently whispered, "Its still night time darling, you need to sleep" followed by "OH ok" not even 30 seconds later "mummy.... you be the prince I'm cinderella" Oh these are the moments we wish to forget at the time, however hold on until they are 21 and a speech can be written about it.  Well Ava I do hope you find your prince one day!!

Cinderella in her wedding gown (at a decent hour)






And one of her little sister.... first recorded smile!!