Helllooo 2012

I had to ask the lady at the counter, slightly embarrassing but I'm guessing I wouldn't be the only one.  CRIKEY its 2012... when the bleep did that happen?  It goes in a flash.  One minute its 1998 and I'm all gonna party like its 1999 and the next its over 10 years later and I still feel 24 (sadly the other parts of my body are moving with the times).  Anyway 2011 was a good year.. a busy year.. but a good year and I would expect nothing less for 2012 (jjeeepers) I have some travel this year which is going to make the year go faster as its just so jolly exciting, however I will remember to take a moment each day and be grateful for the here and now because thats what's important!!!

Although still 2011, I was lucky enough to meet these two, very much in love, wonderfully beautiful people.  A quick trip to windy Wellington and a chance to be part of a magical day.

Sophie and James, thank you for allowing me to be part of a perfect affair xx