Such an exciting feeling in the air.  Its makes me ignite the passion I have for the things that I do.  Its a new journey and another chapter of my life.  I hope that its a story that continues on to great things. It was pouring with rain yesterday and we weren't quite sure it would go ahead.  Standing fast, we decided to carry on, almost knowing it would be ok, and it was.  I am very lucky to have some really great people around me.  All of us striving to create something magical.  Centrewood Estate Marquee's (Jo and Johnny Sutherland) a very bespoke 'travelling' venue have 2 of the most exclusive locations in Wanaka.  These locations are new and PRIME.  Nothing like this has happened in a place so magical.  There are really no adjectives to describe how breathtaking these 'spots' are.  I, being incredibly lucky was asked to be part of this journey and yesterday we set up to try and capture some of the beauty that surrounds these locations.  THE PERFECT PLACE TO HOLD A WEDDING!

Kath Mckenzie from One Fine Day was also part of our day of beauty.  Kath is Queenstown/Wanaka based and her style, grace and eye for exception is inspiring.  Her passion and love for what she creates is beyond brilliant.  I can quite confidently say that she is amazing at what she does and is going to do extraordinary things within the wedding event/planning industry in Central Otago (and beyond).

So I am thrilled to be working with two amazing vendors, people that are not, 'get lost in the numbers corporations' but owner operators that truly have a love for what they do and the love for making their couples, family and friends smile...  This makes us a little bit different from the rest.

This first location was Burdon's beach, about 10 mins from Wanaka township, private, beautiful and completely breathtaking.

The models (ahem) as it happens were the first wedding that I ever shot!!  Yes 2 beautiful children later, and she still looks amazing (as do you Ben x) !!

If you would like more information on the venue's please contact Centrewood Estate Marquee's (their Wanaka website is coming soon)

Enjoy xx