Mexico bound

So I sit here totally and utterly unpacked... trying to cram in the last of what I need to get done before I head off in the morning.  Tomorrow is travel day, I think 20 hours worth... a travel day that I am so super excited about.   I'm headed to Mexico to be a part of another amazing couple's wedding day!!!  Super grateful that I have such amazing clients that want me to capture what I am sure will be DELICIOSO (sadly thats the extent of my Spanish language.... thanks DORA (aka the explorer). Anyway I am going to be away from my computer.  I will se esfuerzan (try hard)... on a ROLL here..... thank you google translate!!  At returning as many emails as best I can!!


I am taking my husband with me (BAG CARRIER)  and I know the majority of our conversations are  going to be based around these wee people... xx