This post has a very special place in my heart for many many reasons.  The warmth, love and willingness shown by these amazing people, makes my heart smile with joy. I cannot thank you enough Becca and Mark, for allowing me to share this with some very special people.

7 days ago I asked this amazing bride if she would be comfortable sharing her day with 30 wonderful and inspiring photographers at the A BIT MORE SOUL workshop.  I was a speaker and wanted to show the attendee's the importance of  connection with their couples.  Rebecca had not seen any of her photos... all was to be revealed via a live feed in front of 30 AMAZING people.  We shared, laughed and cried with this perfect person.  Rebecca I cannot thank you enough for not only your willingness to share such an intimate day with complete strangers, but also to be so open and honest and REAL !!!

I adore you and your BEAUTIFUL family and will always, always have a special place in my heart for you  xxxxx

Stoneridge Chapel Queenstown

BEAUTIFUL styling by the ever talented Kath Mackenzie from One Fine Day

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