A great blast from the past

As we tumble through life we come across some pretty amazing characters.   Some we keep in touch with, some, with regret, we loose contact due to many life variables, travel, babies, marriage.  Many a moon ago I met a couple of wonderful people, I even spent some crazy times in their flat (whilst mine was in repair after it burnt down) These two  smart, fun, genuine people who have been together for 16 years have produced two of the sweetest little girls and once again our paths have crossed.  I am so happy I have some pretty cool people living close by.  Cannot wait to sit with a large glass of something starting with W and ending in INE and chatter about 'those crazy days'  So here is a sneak peak Mum and Dad.  Really looking forward to catching up next week!!!



Jo I had to add this in, its technically not at all right however her laugh is just too perfect to not have a shot of.... this darling girl was giggling at her sister till she literally got the hiccups!!!