Every day has a lesson

Today I did things that helped me see a bigger picture.  Paths cross and lessons are learnt continuously.  I forget at times, however am reminded of the importance of an open mind and to be aware of the lesson that can be invaluable each and every day.   As corny as it may sound I am a big believer in the glass half full and how even the most frustrating thing can lead to an awareness and moment of clarity. I spent time with a very dear friend this afternoon and although we don't spend nearly enough time solving the problems of the world, I ALWAYS walk away from our conversations just that little bit better.  You see she and her beautiful family make the world a better place, not by creating cures for cancer or feeding the hungry (however if they had the opportunity they would) but because they care, and it starts from home.  They teach their children the importance of respect, love, manners and caring for their fellow man.... they start from home...

The lesson she taught me today.... " we want our children to respect us because of their love for us, not from their fear of us"

Amanda thank you xxxx

This is one of the beautiful people I got to take pictures of today, all for a bigger purpose.

India you are truly blessed xx