Book covers and Aroha {love}

Ok well the humble me wants to tuck it all away under my pillow however the smart part of me says I need to blog about it... what is it???   Well I guess a few of you will already know that a wee while ago I entered into a competition... a photography competition none the less.   Being very pregnant with Quinn when I found out the results, I kind of bragged about it to close family members.... Tonni,  and then placed it delicately under my pillow to think about another day.  Low and behold the Breakfast Show on television one decided to a piece on the book.  A beautiful book called Aroha meaning Love in Maori. So one early morn myself and Ella over a bowl of porridge watched with the nation 'the book' with my two beautiful girls showcased on the cover

So over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to have a few interviews with local papers, and plenty of congrats from friends and acquaintances.  Thank you!!!!  Here is the cover, which may I add was taken in a fleeting moment, not prepared or timed, these make for the best shots. True pure untouched Aroha { love }.