It always ends in tears

"She's 6, she's 6.... can you believe you have a 6 year old??"  Those were the words my husband uttered to me yesterday.  6 years ago our precious girl was welcomed into this world .  No one could prepare us for this bundle that we were about to receive,  no one could prepare us for the sleepless nights we were about to experience, and no one could prepare us for the love we were about to feel. The Day she was born I cried and yesterday as I lay my head to sleep I cried, for no other reason but for the love of my little girl who is now not needing me to help her dress, not wanting me to kiss her in front of her friends.  She's growing up and I'm sad, but I'm also so so proud to watch her grow and become a beautiful thoughtful person.  I love you Pussycat and I wish you many, many happy birthdays.