Comes in two's???????

Well its not really fair!!!!  ALL of them are growing up.... Today it was Ava's day.  The morning started as normal as any.   Ava running around the house, wishing everybody a happy birthday, me having a nervous breakdown whilst trying to frost cup cakes.... pleading that they looked anything like my new drool blog (did that make any sense??).  Kathryn from 4 goodness cake, has to be the most talented baker I have ever seen... I only wish I was 5 again and she was my Mother, sorry Mum but the Ernest Adams cakes that were lovingly purchased and pushed out of the packet just didn't cut the mustard... well not in comparison to these hum dingers that Kathryn creates. So after a lot of stressing and vowing that I wouldn't do it again we managed to pull off the birthday extraordinaire, pass the parcel and musical chairs included.   Ava my crazy monkey, Happy Happy Birthday cherub, I adore you, I am in awe of you, I love you. xx

Ok not quite like Kathryn's but I sure did give it a go!!! (PHUtzzzzzz)


And NO that is NOT carrot sticks she's holding... that is pure sugar in the name of Fruit Candy Sticks... mmmmmmm