The best ever

I  get the best looking people to take photos of!!!!  Nah nah na na na..... Yesterday it was cold.... seriously cold, what a surprise!!!  My feet were damp, my nose was a stunning shade of purple.  Rushing into my new favorite location I bumped into my session.  Now I thought I had the travel thing mastered having trooped around the world with my children in tow I prided myself if we made it to our destination without juice boxes spilt and tantrums.  So after 3 hours in a car you would expect two little people to perhaps be frazzled and DONE.... however I had the bestest, sweetest little gems this side of cutesville smiling, happy, carefree and not a inch of spilt juice!! Thank you to the most patient parents who were a delight to meet.  I truly hope you enjoy your shots and hope our paths cross again.

Now feast your eyes on these beauties!!!!