Get ready to roll

Ok another drum roll please.... big announcement to be made on Thursday the 6th of August.... "ohhh ahhhh" you say "what could it be old wise one?"  Well your just gonna have to wait... I think its very cool, rather exciting actually, got you guessing.  Other big news which I will tell, I brought some Nutella today!!!  Me being the organic mother would hussle my babies away from the spread aisle at the supermarket due to the doe eyes Ella would give me whilst passing the Nutella stand.  Well today I got a jar.... for my children you say.... NOPE for me (its under my pillow) my new obsession, Nutella and Crumpets... helllo.....Don't panic I will share with the girls...maybe?????. Impromptu photoshoot today, breaking all rules (child on the road no no no no)