Snowman's are important

Who am I?  A mother, a photographer, a cleaner, a wife?    I get asked more than once a week "how do you balance it all? What's your secret"  There's no secret, actually everyday I ask myself "how do I balance it all? I???"   On Thursday my beautiful children, husband and I took a 2.5 hour drive to visit our favorite ski field.  Waking up at the crack of dawn with ski pants on, bellies full of porridge we headed away on one of the years most stunning days.... stunning not only because of the weather but because we got to spend the day as a family.  Hitting the slopes, loving the snow, I decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to take a few shots.  Grabbing my 3 year old, enticing her with "lets go make a snowman" pure bribery and corruption... with light stand, camera bag in hand, we tramp to what I consider the best spot.  Whilst setting up 'my gear' Ava is trying desperately to roll some snow.... not that easy with mittens on... she yells "come on Mummy"  I respond... "hang on, hang on just getting the flash right"...... forward 10 mins, my beautiful daughter has taken to sitting in the snow head down waiting for her Mum.  I on the other hand am getting more and more frustrated that the DAMN flash wont work.    Angry that I couldn't get the 'shot' I gather Ava and my stuff and we head back to the slopes.   2 hours later driving home my heart drops my eyes well with tears (as they are doing now) and I realize that we never made the SNOWMAN.   My wonderful bright eyed daughter that was promised time alone with her Mummy creating some pretend being was denied the opportunity because I was too BUSY.

Stop what your doing, put down your broom, move away from your computer, hang up the phone, tell your babies you love them, play a game, bounce on a tramp, and always always make a snowman.

Ava I am sorry. 

And Quinn, you don't know about snowmen right now however I am sorry I made you sit in the snow, even if it was for only 10 seconds.