Bring em on!!!

Seriously do I have the best job or what?  A conversation came up in our household not so long ago about child #4..... I hear gasps... "she said WHAT."  No fear, we are not going #4, in saying that I could do 10.   I LOVE babies and will NEVER turn a client down when it comes to snapping a newborn.  Little Miss A was another dreamy baby.  perfectly well mannered and oh so very cute.  She is going to have some serious fun with her big brother, whom may I add had eyelashes to DIE for!!!!  Heartbreakers in the making.   Amelia and Mark, thank you for having such beautiful children, you make my job easy!!!!  Enjoy your sneak peak, more to come really really soooon






a little bit different from my normal processing however could not resist this... He was not a happy camper being placed in his crib... sorry