Beauty within

As I sit here looking at my dolphin clad mouse pad, (the lame one I purchased from the 'big red shed') I not only see flipper smiling back at me, I see beauty that is so deep it can't be described.  Is it their eyes?   Is it the shiny skin?  Perhaps that quirky squeak?  What is it about them that screams beauty?   Is it because we know they are calm, serene, passive animals.  Perhaps a combination of everything.  What makes beauty?  I think everyone/everything possesses it.   I just think sometimes we don't know how to find it.  Search for it, its there, all around us in many forms. Today I saw a lot of beauty.  A mother, her children (minus one) and a whole lot of love.  Thank you for today, as my beautiful child would say, your a super star!!!  There are more to come!!!