Yes the title of this post is SHEEP.   We got a sheep this week, aptly named Rose!!  Rose shares her name with good company.  Daisy Rose, the cat, Rosie the cow, and a few torn teddies have also had the honor of being named by my beautiful girls.  Rose the sheep is a delightful character and I, unfortunately, feel a sense of sorrow when having to kick her out the door after she has mischeviously found her way in.  Its all because of Ella.  Never before have I seen a creature fall so desperately in love with a six year old.  At her heels whenever possible, bleating at the door for her adoptive mother to come out to play.  Today was an exception as it rained.   Poor little Rose waited oh so patiently for her beloved to come hang out, however playhouse disney was the main attraction in the Andersen household today.  Sorry Rose. Luckily it was a gorgeous evening when I ventured out with 3 of my favorite people to some sheep yards.... (the common denominator this week is sheep)  You couldn't ask for a cuter threesome.  Miss thank you for being who you are, and boys.... Well you had me at pretzel.

Enjoy your sneak peak.  The rest are all done and looking fabulous.


Check out these BOOTS, very very cool!