Make time for the sweet things in life

Cupcakes and chocolate seem to be the backbone for this post.... a little history of my week.  Being a lover and hater of all things bad for you, I am always beyond thrilled when I find a gem or two in my immediate vicinity!!!  This weekend I was invited to display my wares at a local expo involving women in business.... fabulous... whilst setting up my rather normal display, my eye was suddenly drawn to a distant table at the other side of the room.... I lean in to get a closer look and spy, not one, not two, but three, beyond beautiful displays beckoning me.  Now if you know me well enough you will be very aware that will power does not exist in my makeup so when I realized the stands were full of the most AMAZING cupcakes, chocolate and cookies... They  had me at "hi".  So not only did I visit the stand once but I think 6 times.. perhaps more... making up some stupid excuse that my children would be here and needed to pick their own... I'll just look for them!!!  In reality I was in awe at these delicate morsels and how much love and passion had gone into creating each piece.... needless to say I brought something from each stand... no surprises there!! Ladies if your reading this, can I just say that I will be telling everyone and anyone to make sure they visit your stores/sites and sample some pure heaven!!  Sadly (due to drool) my shots of the cupcakes just didn't do them justice so rather than me showing you I think everyone should check out these gals themselves. DIVINE YUMMMM

Cup Cake Collection  her website is not up and running as yet.

And because the light was perfect, I took my cupcake companions (aka the children) out for a mini... sit still please...session!!!