The rain in Spain.

Its broad daylight out.  With this vampire cult thing going on right now (aka Twilight) I feel very at home.  I NEVER blog post in the daylight hours, mainly due to the chaos surrounding me.  I find peace at night and feel my creative spirit start to ooze as soon as the sun goes down.... well thats a little exaggeration, the truth of the matter is the kids are in bed and its my time to sit, think and do what I love!!! I have so many wonderful things happening in the year 2010.  I want this new year to go slow, I want to take every minute and embrace it all, remember it and cherish it.    My wish for the new year would be it to all stay as perfect as it is now, minus a little teeny bit of the chaos.

Speaking of chaos, my wonderful trip to the North was extra special because I got to meet some extra special people.  And this family was no exception.  I buzzed in like a fly on crack and admist the rain and missed exits I was lucky to have 2 beautiful patient darlings to finish my whirlwind trip with.  I didn't stop to smell the roses and it wasn't until I came home and worked on the files did I realize just how beautiful this family was.

Pia, Thank you. xx  Enjoy xx