The year that was the year that will be

Happy Holidays to one and all.  A little late for the Christmas cheer, selfishly I removed myself from my posts to spend a much blessed Christmas week with 4 of the most important people of my life.  My day was marvelous with family friends and a very large amount of food.... a trend I seem to be sporty after the fact.... I feel a new years resolution coming on. It would be a very rare occasion that I would be lost for words however I think it might be happening..... crickets chirping.... how do I say thanks?  I have been so so lucky to have an array of amazing clients/friends supporting me in my first year of business.  I cannot  not express enough just how grateful I am to these people who have truly helped and been a part of my journey as a photographer.  SO rather than me banter on and get all soppy.  I just want to say THANKS a whole lot, and thats not just my wonderful clients but anybody who ever takes time in their day to stop by and read my rant.

Next year is going to be a ride, a really big fast amazing ride.  I have a LOT of things bubbling in my cauldron and I am DYING to yell it from the rooftops, not that many people would hear me as I think there is something like 20 people in my village????  Keep tuned and please continue to visit in 2010.

And here is one of my biggest accomplishments of 2009.... I'm so god damn proud of this thing,