Three times a charm

It was a sunny day, I was nervous, but well versed.  I had been through it twice before.  Perhaps thats why I was so scared?  I knew what to expect.  Tonni held my hand, really tight, because I told him he HAD to, and of course he did.  They wheeled me into the sterile room full of masked men and woman.  Even though I couldn't see their mouths I could see their eyes and I knew they were smiling.  "are you ready to meet your baby?" 1 year ago today Quinn Penelope Andersen and I met for the first time.  Her big eyes stared at me with recognition, her soul screaming I know you and were going to love each other forever.

Happy birthday darling girl.  May you forever be happy.  And instead of the cake shot, I had to sneak in for the sleepy shot.  I guess I didn't want to miss any of the day whilst she was awake.