It started way back when.

The crazy season will now commence!!!  The sun is out, the air has a fresh scent of summer.  Its wedding season.  Best friends are saying "I do", celebrations happen and lives together begin.  I have to admit I am rather giddy about my up coming season.  I have so many wonderful couples, and I get to share their moments and hopefully capture the essence of their day. In between the nuptials I have a few beautiful portrait sessions which of course I adore!!

Today we celebrated the soon to be new addition to a fabulous family.

Jason and Jo met in primary school, I think Jo mentioned that Jason was her first kiss  (at the movies when she was 7!!!!)  Obviously it was that kiss that spurred their fate, because a few years, an "I do" and little Cameron later, here they are  as smitten with each other today as they were those moons ago!

Ohh and if anyone is wondering... these are my photo of the day.... day 13!!

Jo thank you for being a gorgeous person inside and out.  I wish the 3 of you the best luck for baby number 2.  Enjoy your sneak peek!!