Be thankful.

Normally our television is turned on at 6 oclock.   This is when our ears and eyes are filled with the day's top stories.  Sometimes its heart warming, sometimes its heart breaking and sometimes its mindblowing.  Tonight I watched some of the most horrific images that has made my mind hurt with thoughts of what can I do?    I cannot believe how cruel our world can be sometimes.  Haiti has been devastated, according to the reports over 200,000 people have been killed.  This is all if not more of our closest town.... GONE.... everyone dead.... in the blink of an eye.    There are hospitals where people have not had any medical care in more than 2 days. Sometimes life is just not fair.  But I can assure you I will be saying thanks tonight.  Saying thanks that I have a house over my head and water in my taps.

Think of the people of Haiti tonight and pray that they get all the help they need.