BEST wedding stationery in the world!!!

I can't go on enough about how much I LOVE and ADORE details, perfect combinations, mismatched items that just scream together.  I have websites that I stalk to get my daily fix of gorgeous bits.  It makes me weak at the knees and I say silent prayers that god will perhaps grant me with detail talent and my house will then be transformed to look like its just walked out of a feature from Martha Stewart magazine! A wee while ago I came across one of these perfect sites that made my heart leap with ohhh's and ahhhh's.  I then think I screamed out loud when I saw that it belonged to a fellow kiwi and was right here on MY shores!!!

The beautiful Kate Holland creator and genius behind Ruby and Willow is not only a design god (self taught may I add) but also an amazing person who I am really excited to be collaborating with.  Her ability to make things beautiful is astounding.  She listens to her clients and loves making everything perfect.   And not only does she cater to future bride and grooms, she also designs personal stationery, for anyone that wants that boutique gorgeous touch... ahem ahem.. that would be me!!!

Available for international orders, I advise you to pop over to her site and very perfect blog for a peek into her world.

If you are from the other part of the world she also has an etsy store where her boutique items can be purchased.

Kate and I have some fun things planned for the future so keep tuned for upcoming yumminess!!!

Here is a snippet of some of her masterpieces.  May I add she is not a bad photographer either!!!!