Introducing (drum roll) Miss Quinn Penelope Andersen

After 39 weeks which may I add seemed to fly by (apart from the last 2 weeks of constant peeing and back ache) Little 6llb Quinn arrived via the clever hand of Dr Weirkmeister and crew.... fairly calm surroundings apart from myself....have to be honest and say I was a little nervous, probably due to the fact that I knew what to expect and the thought of being sliced whilst awake never really appealed to me, however we managed and the end result was worth any pushing prodding etc..... Soooooo without further adieu ....MISS QUINN....Oh have to add these shots were a little rushed due to the fact that she decided to poop all over the lovely white blanket...well done her!!!  

The hats were supplied by a brilliant knitter with some gorgeous stuff (I shall be investing more) 

Brenda from Natural Star you can check out her Etsy site here  

Highly, highly recommend her great service beautiful things and will even do custom orders!!!