They came from afar

I hung up the phone and felt a little nauseous!!  Me, crikey, they want me???  I fluster around in my usual flustery way, focus has gone and left the building, palms get sweaty.  Why would they choose me?  What if I can't deliver, oh lord they are going to find out I'm a complete fraud... thats it... game over... deep breath, deep breath. Fast forward a day or so, we meet, I make a fool of myself (more than once may I add) photos are taken, laughs are had and at the end of it all I have had a blissful opportunity to meet some of NZ's most awesome young photographers.  They chose me and I am not only honored and humbled but I am delighted to be able to now call Amber and Isaac my friends.

Thank you for taking a chance on me, thank you for sharing your knowledge and thank you for being so god damn awesome!!!!

Perspectives photography, if you haven't already seen their incredible work, go and have a look...... look out NZ!!

And once again Shine salon and spa came to the aid of a beauty in need of some pampering.  Barbara you did an amazing job on Amber she is utterly gorgeous and you made her even more so!!

Enjoy xxx



Amber your smile is infectious!!!


And your husband's not too bad either.... thats right ladies he's married!!





And as promised.  We nearly didn't get it.... but in the end we did!!!