Precious time

I can hear gasps as I write... I have been missing in action and it almost feels unnatural now not to blog at least every third day!!  Why oh why have I been gone so long you ask.  Well the short version, life catches up with you, and before you know it you have 3 little people tugging at your leg asking if its time to play my little ponies, rock stars or makeovers (my favorite).  I had to hang up my blogging pen for a few days to make room for those innocent faces and go be with them.  Lately I feel like I'm not there... not really there, making school lunches, wiping noses, kissing smelly toes (yup I do that too).  So Ella, Ava and Quinn if your reading this, then your not only incredibly smart but you are also incredibly loved and even though I may not seem like I am there, trust me I want to be!!! And I can tell you it was definitely a hard battle keeping away from my blog world as I had 2 of the most STUNNING brides this past weekend.

First up Susie and Phil, what a delight to capture your day.  My belly ached the next day from laughing so so hard.  You both have amazing friends and family and I wish you both the best in the entire world!!!

Enjoy your sneak peek xxx