Sand and other fine cuisines

I don't do this enough... There is something pure and amazing, their little fingers, rosy cheeks and (in this case) sand smeared smiles.  Such a delight to take pictures of little people.  I get so caught up with everything going on I don't do this anywhere near enough. Josie you were a dream to work with, and I feel very lucky to be present during your first meal of sand xx




An extra special special

I don't think there is anything better than a photo of your child.  I don't have any shots of my girls on the walls.... no lie.... its quite shameful to be honest.  I have however decided to rectify this and took some quick 'test' shots for the wall this warm afternoon.  It got me to thinking.  EVERYONE should have photos on the wall.. mantel... wherever. For the month of October I will be offering mini sessions for children.   There will be a limited amount of 5 spots available.  They will be in studio sessions and simple portraits like the ones below.  You will receive 15- 20 full resolution images on disc as well as all images as 5 x 7's.  $500.

To book please email me on

Have a happy day xx



Wonderful Winnie

So wherever I am, there's always Pooh,There's always Pooh and Me. "What would I do?" I said to Pooh, "If it wasn't for you," and Pooh said: "True, It isn't much fun for One, but Two, Can stick together, says Pooh, says he. "That's how it is," says Pooh.

A.A. Milne


The rain in Spain.

Its broad daylight out.  With this vampire cult thing going on right now (aka Twilight) I feel very at home.  I NEVER blog post in the daylight hours, mainly due to the chaos surrounding me.  I find peace at night and feel my creative spirit start to ooze as soon as the sun goes down.... well thats a little exaggeration, the truth of the matter is the kids are in bed and its my time to sit, think and do what I love!!! I have so many wonderful things happening in the year 2010.  I want this new year to go slow, I want to take every minute and embrace it all, remember it and cherish it.    My wish for the new year would be it to all stay as perfect as it is now, minus a little teeny bit of the chaos.

Speaking of chaos, my wonderful trip to the North was extra special because I got to meet some extra special people.  And this family was no exception.  I buzzed in like a fly on crack and admist the rain and missed exits I was lucky to have 2 beautiful patient darlings to finish my whirlwind trip with.  I didn't stop to smell the roses and it wasn't until I came home and worked on the files did I realize just how beautiful this family was.

Pia, Thank you. xx  Enjoy xx







The beautiful north

Oh my lord its Christmas.... as I scream round the house yelling "its christmas" "its christmas"... holy heck "its christmas".  Where the bleep did the year go???  Seriously, can someone please explain??  And have I shopped... well yes of course, but the tree, the decorations, the dust needs to be blown off  the horrid cd that gets played whilst hanging the fairy lights.  I feel ashamed that I'm not in the 'holiday spirit' I need to give myself a massive dose of christmas cheer.....starting tomorrow!!! Before I move full on into santa mode.  I have to share one of the sweetest families I had the pleasure of snapping.  Rather close to my heart as they  have 3 GORGEOUS girls of  similar ages to my cherubs.  Thank you Spencer family for allowing me to dote on your darling girls!!!  Enjoy your sneak peek, more to follow in the next few days!!








Red wine + infomercials = disaster

Lordy, I am so behind.  My head is spinning with a million bits and pieces to tie together.  Deciding that a glass of red will help me focus....NUP.... I sit here listening to Billie Joel wailing about some uptown girl, isn't that sad, however its really quite amazing how good it sounds when glass number 2 is guzzled.  To all my beautiful lovely clients... I really do love you all and I promise that my world is going to slow down and yes I shall be more attentive to processing your photos, (as I write I am now distracted by the infomercial on Proactiv.... whats the number again)  Anyway Pink has now hit my airways, so I need to go to bed. Here is a sneaky sneak peak for one of my beautiful families..... more to come xxxxxx






Yes the title of this post is SHEEP.   We got a sheep this week, aptly named Rose!!  Rose shares her name with good company.  Daisy Rose, the cat, Rosie the cow, and a few torn teddies have also had the honor of being named by my beautiful girls.  Rose the sheep is a delightful character and I, unfortunately, feel a sense of sorrow when having to kick her out the door after she has mischeviously found her way in.  Its all because of Ella.  Never before have I seen a creature fall so desperately in love with a six year old.  At her heels whenever possible, bleating at the door for her adoptive mother to come out to play.  Today was an exception as it rained.   Poor little Rose waited oh so patiently for her beloved to come hang out, however playhouse disney was the main attraction in the Andersen household today.  Sorry Rose. Luckily it was a gorgeous evening when I ventured out with 3 of my favorite people to some sheep yards.... (the common denominator this week is sheep)  You couldn't ask for a cuter threesome.  Miss thank you for being who you are, and boys.... Well you had me at pretzel.

Enjoy your sneak peak.  The rest are all done and looking fabulous.


Check out these BOOTS, very very cool!







Dreamy dreams

Is it a girl thing, do we just automatically have a disposition to be calm, quiet creatures?  There could be a few scoffers out there questioning my question, but since photographing  the littlest of littles (newborns) I have come to the conclusion that girls, can be a little tricky to go to sleep, however whilst asleep no matter the situation, they never say peep, open their eyes, complain... they just quietly dream dreamy dreams and do exactly as I ask.  The little men seem to sense my presence and play hard to get, eyes open, a yawn or two, perhaps a few poops!!!  Men huh!!!!!!  (wink wink)  Anyhow Miss T in all her glory was a dreamy girl.  I had the pleasure of snapping this beautiful bundle whilst in her Mummy's tummy.   Thank you to two very cool parents and one wonderful little brother!!!  Your family is gorgeous!!!  

Sooo a sneak peek with more to come soon!!!!