Dreamy dreams

Is it a girl thing, do we just automatically have a disposition to be calm, quiet creatures?  There could be a few scoffers out there questioning my question, but since photographing  the littlest of littles (newborns) I have come to the conclusion that girls, can be a little tricky to go to sleep, however whilst asleep no matter the situation, they never say peep, open their eyes, complain... they just quietly dream dreamy dreams and do exactly as I ask.  The little men seem to sense my presence and play hard to get, eyes open, a yawn or two, perhaps a few poops!!!  Men huh!!!!!!  (wink wink)  Anyhow Miss T in all her glory was a dreamy girl.  I had the pleasure of snapping this beautiful bundle whilst in her Mummy's tummy.   Thank you to two very cool parents and one wonderful little brother!!!  Your family is gorgeous!!!  

Sooo a sneak peek with more to come soon!!!!















Sleep baby sleep

This beautiful, gorgeous little man with the most amazing eyes....was not so co - operative in the sleep department.  Now do you really blame him??  Being poked, prodded, undressed, made to lie in fur.  We were very delicate and tried to accommodate his highness, however he was much more interested in what was going on around him than what the sandman had to offer.  Soooo we only managed to snap a couple with him snoozing, however next week his mother and I shall prevail and we WILL get him to sleep....pleaseeee