Children Photographer

This doesn't happen enough, and I feel a great sense of guilt.  Another end of year resolution before the madness sets in.... TAKE MORE PHOTOS OF MY KIDS!!! So lets start with these two.

My rock star child.  The one who at 40 will still need her hugs from me.  The one who dearly wishes she could shave one side of her head and dye the other half purple.  The one who prefers the Eagle tattoos from the gum packet.  The one who makes me smile in wonder at her quiet sensitivity but her mad crazy questions.   The one who never lets me take a photo. The one I adore.

My baby.  The one who can drive me completely up the wall with her determined nature.  The one who changes her clothes at least 5 times a day.  The one who prefers the unicorns and flowers from the packet of gum.  The one I want to hold so dearly and never let her go, my last born, my special boo.

My heart races with mad love for my children, they hold every piece of my soul.