Vancouver Island

Our goodbyes

Losing something close and dear is heart wrenching, emotional, surreal.  The disbelief and grief that something so amazing is no longer a phone call or visit away.  Watching someone important to you living the grief deeper than yourself is difficult.  However seeing the strength and love that this amazing person instilled in an arm load of great people is a beautiful thing.  He may not be with us today but his spirit, heart, grace and utter determination lives within his 3 amazing boys, his 8 amazing grandchildren, and his awe inspiring wife. FarFar, we miss you, we love you, you taught us that and more. My promise to you..... that your granddaughters will forever understand the importance of love, fighting for the people that need fighting for and always, always being close to dark green.

Our trip to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CANADA to say goodbye to our wonderful FarFar and to be part of his cunning plan (family together)