Because everyone should own a pair of legwarmers

It has almost been a year, oh how time flies!!  I stepped off the plane with excitement and anticipation, I was meeting people I looked up to, people who I now proudly call my friends, some of Australia's best!!  Inspire me 2009 was a  collection of AWESOME photographers getting together sharing their knowledge, jokes, challenges, and 2010 is going to be just as great!!   I am now counting down the days, hours, minutes, when I can completely submerge myself in the presence of other like minded characters... who you ask??? The speakers

Brianna Graham

Ashley Skjaveland

Raye Law

And not only do we have these 3 genius to hang with for 4 days but I also get to hang with some other pretty fabulously talented peeps...

Kristen Cook

Jennifer Stocks

Robyn Geering

Lana Bell

Danielle Stahl

To name just a few!!!    And of course last but not least, none of this would have been possible if not organized by one amazing person!!  Ainslie Bernoth who works endlessly to make sure the whole week is totally perfect!!  She gives 100% of herself to help others and I thank her for that!!!... oh and for also introducing me to Nutella, my thighs will never be the same again!

And to the darling Robyn for making sure my little Quinn is cosy this winter.