I need you now

Like a breath of fresh air..... a jolly good slap in the face.  God how many excuses did I need to make in my head, its too cold, I'm too tired, there's too much work to be done.... thats all they were....damn excuses.  \ I have been hunting for my photo mojo and it kept ducking and diving avoiding me like the plague... I bring it with me to organized shoots, but how come I wasn't doing anything for me?   So I made a decision, all be it a rather crazy decision, I decided I wanted to go back to the old days (1999) and give film another shot (pardon the pun).   A few months back I had my eye on a camera that made my heart flutter.... it was a must have.... a yearning... sleepless nights... sadly I had to prioritize my life and the 'deal' fell through.  I flunked into a bad mood and forgot about how important it was (to me) until I found another.... just the same.... and the time was right.... cha ching!!

Today 20 rolls of 220 medium format film arrived to greet my brand new CONTAX 645 (swooon)  I am officially a medium format camera owner!!!  And today I went shooting!!!  I couldn't get out the door quick enough, like a deep big breath of really really fresh air... all my mind would scream was GOD I NEED YOU NOW!!!

The downside (or upside depending on how you look at things.... glass half full yadda yadda) film is a process and needs to be processed.  Due to my perfection I will be sending it to the US of A.  SO no examples as yet however when they do come back and if I am game enough to share (encouragement needed) I will post them.  However I did bring my lifeline digital camera to the shoot... soooo here are a few of my perfect girl... oh and by the way there were no animals harmed in the making of this post!!!  xxxx