Day 8

I know I know lotsa lotsa pictures of the girls.... but seriously if I'm not hanging out a load of washing, eating, cleaning, eating some more, I am on the couch feeding child number 3...that would be you Quinn!!  So in the midnight hours when I should be calmly in my bed getting some much needed shut EYE I am sitting editing a shot or shots.... I think if I didn't have this night time stint I would possibly drive myself insane.  I truly believe we all need an out wether it be a hand of poker, yoga or singing in the rain.  Make sure you have something that makes you feel so super good, and if you don't - look deep inside and try to find it.   Never be afraid and persevere with whatever your passion may be!!   I love to listen to music and it often inspires me.  I about 3 seconds away from purchasing this artists album I found her whilst checking out another photographer who just happens to be amazing!!!