Let me hear you say 'yeah yeah'

She begins the conversation with "I know who you are I read your blog".  I smile, "cool" I say, "I love that there is someone out there who reads my nonsense, my rambles"  We politely move on to another topic.  My mind wonders back to the keypad, and I wonder? ... who does read my blog?   I have my regular commenters... you all know who you are... well I guess everyone knows who you are cause you can read it at the bottom of each post.  But I still wonder.  Its really quite funny, I write my jibberish at my makeshift desk in my makeshift office slash playroom, and I have to admit, I'm curious (actually I'm nosey but curious sounds better)?????  Who reads my blog.... so the challenge is on... I want to know, so I'm putting a block of very classy chocolate on the line.  Yes sir ree you comment on this post and I will send one lucky blog reader a block of chocolate, Whitikars white chocolate with macadamia, heaven in a foil packet to be exact.  Comments are at the bottom of the photos for this post, click on it and away you go.   All 3 of you need to start typing!!!!  Winner will be announced in the next post!!! And of course whats a post if you don't  have a super cute (regular commenters may I add) family to show off.  xx