I spend a good amount of time deciding what the correct thing is to say, especially when introducing my thoughts to the entire online world...... perhaps a little ambitious.... the 4 people that may read this.

My thoughts are probably insignificant in the big scheme of things, especially if we are peeling away the layers.

Making everything sound slightly cryptic, but disclaimer, these are my thoughts and not necessarily even relevant.

Weddings should be love, laughter and promises.   The details are great and often a lot of effort and heart over long periods of time are what make them so special.  Sometimes those details don't go to plan, sometimes the details are organised the day before, arranged by mates, with no expectations.  Everyone pitching in, with the hopes of watching their close friends say I do in front of them.

No expectations, just love, laughter and promise 

2 weeks ago I got a phone call from a groom wanting to surprise his fiancee and mother of their exceptional child, no photographer had been organised, just his mates taking a few photos...  He enquired, I replied.  He didn't want his mates to have to worry about getting the shots, so I said bags me!  

I wasn't there long, I barely got to know them, but what I did walk away with is SHIT this is what a wedding should be... no expectations!  It rained, really hard, and half way through the i do's with countless amounts of laughter the decision was made to abandon ship and find another location. Done, with smiles and friends chipping in to help, tables carried, booze shifted.... and so many smiles.

THIS is what a wedding should be.

Zinny and Daphne thank you and your perfect rain soaked day!!!  xxxx

MOERAKI North Otago