Wish me luck

Photo a day take 3..... Ohhhh today was hard, super dooper hard.  Couldn't decide what shot was to be awarded the 'photo of the day'???  I think my flustered brain is in overdrive this evening.  I leave tomorrow and I need to pack.... eeek.... where did I put the suitcases??  Due to my absence there may be a slight chance that photo #4 is put on the back burner.  Tomorrow I get to meet some superstar photography royalty!!  Jasmine (sweet as sunshine) Star is holding her greatest and bestest workshop tomorrow in sunny NZ and after many moons of organizing I can finally sigh and say weeeeeeeeee.  Cross your toes for me.  I hope I have planned well and the models turn up with clothes on!! So here is today's shot(s)  A short hike from home is one of the greatest beaches... note how there is NO ONE there!!!  We rocked up minus our bathers due to the storm that was brewing that morning.  However the day turned out rosie!!!  This was Quinn's first time crawling on sand... I LUFF HER xx