SMIZE (adj) Smiling with your eyes

Having the discipline to blog everyday is definitely a trait I admire.   Most who know me know I do like to talk, probably a bit much at times.  However there has been numerous occasions that I sit staring blankly at my keypad in a trance with nothing to say..... as mentioned previously........very rare!!! Jasmine  Star is a fine tuned machine when it comes to blogging!!!  She is not only a master at the typed word but also very diligent at making sure her millions of blog readers are satisfied daily with her charm, wit and talent.  Recently I was very lucky to have Jasmine visit NZ for a workshop.  Prior to the workshop we went walking to 'scope' out some spots for the photo session we would be holding the next day.  Whilst strolling around the streets of Christchurch, Jasmine took some shots yours truly.  Being on the other side of the camera was horrifying and utterly foreign, I felt like a complete idiot for the first two minutes until my inner Gisele came oozing out and then I thought I was all that and a bag of chips... Jasmine's ability to make me GREAT was amazing, and I can honestly say it was fabulous!!  So where are these photos you ask???  No laughing!!!

And here is day 9.   Again I have to put 2 photos up just because she's still cute!!!