I wasn't good at school..... my parents will high five that comment!!  I think I wanted to be, but it didn't suit.  My mind drifts, dreams, sometimes I live in a... 'little world of my own'....  I cherish my me time when I get to dream lots of great ideas, like how I'm going to become a famous singer.... YUP.  My dreaming is probably a crux if were being honest.  I have a thousand and one ideas in my head and I want to try and test each one, however the focus on the important things gets a little lost. Today is a dreamy day!!! Yesterday was a busy day, and a great day, and a love day.  You know when you meet people and you know instantly that their hearts are huge and they are just GOOD people.  Well Charlotte and Hamish are that a million times over!!!   Salt of the earth, kind, easy, good people.

Thank you for letting me share your day.... THANK YOU!!

Enjoy your sneak peek xx

Big shout outs to Campbell Park Estate... holy guacamole need a wedding destination... look no further, comes complete with a castle!!!!  (ask for Di)

Makeup by the very clever Suzie McIlraith






Hamish (bless is heart) has a nickname of CHEESE.. (so as you can imagine) was the topic of all jokes during the photos!!