A highlight

Probably one of the proudest moments for me... I ran in puffing.... The entire restaurant was full to capacity.... it was sitting on the counter... I couldn't help myself and grabbed it without taking a breath... realizing I was pushing my way in front of a hungry customer I calmed myself a little, so as not to look like a frenzied beast, and calmly started flicking through. I can't begin to describe the feeling of pride I have for this magical project I was so so lucky to be part of.

It began almost a year ago with Monique and Bevan Smith calling me asking me if I would be interested in shooting the photos for their beyond amazing Riverstone Kitchen cookbook.  Now remembering that this restaurant just won Cuisine magazine Restaurant of the year, my heart literally exploded with excitement!!!  Of course I was honored and I wont lie slightly frightened.  However the fear soon died and with the love and support from two fantastically talented people (Mon and Bevan) who guided me through their vision and of course their passion for food.

To the Smith family, thank you for allowing me to do this.  Thank you for allowing me to eat afterwards and thank you for producing what I believe to be NZ's finest cookbooks!!!!

I'm so very, very proud!!!!!

To purchase a copy of this book you can find it here and can I just say I've literally tasted everything in this book and its 100% worth every penny!!!


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Well its cold, its damn cold, I think we hit something like 4 degrees today???   And due to this snap of freeze going out taking pictures of pretty people is just not gonna happen.  So I think things may be a little quiet over the next wee while.  I am going to have to get creative and bring out the infamous backdrop stands... keep watching and COMMENT.  If you like to pop on here now and then I would love to hear from you lurkers... send me a line.... ask me a question... nothing too technical mind.... go on dare you!!!  I am going to do another shout out to the fabulous ladies at GREEN BEAN  I just had to add some more of these two little gems... squeeze those cheeks xxxx  



Nicest fabric in the WORLD

Well to me the title says it all.  Today I took some willing models and their willing guardians and we trenched into a forest to become one with nature and take some shots with these beauties wearing some of the most delicious pieces of clothing I have ever come across.  Sadly I am unable to load more from the day however shall do in the next wee while.   GREEN BEAN  This homegrown New Zealand company which is run by two awesome sisters is  pure magic.  Their clothing range is made in New Zealand, designed in New Zealand, everything New Zealand!!!  I highly highly recommend checking this site out and purchasing something just so you can feel the fabric.  They use organic cotton and bamboo plus have some of the cutest designs. 

Anyhow a sneak peak of some of the designs.  I will be blogging some more soooon.